A&M Precision Measuring

AM Precision Measuring Services, Inc. continuously upgrades and purchases new equipment and software. Here is a our current listing:

Metrology Equipment

  • Faro Xi Laser Trackers
  • Faro X Laser Trackers
  • Faro Ion Laser Tracker
  • API Radion Laser Tacker
  • API T3 Laser Tracker
  • Faro Edge arm
  • Faro Platinum arm
  • Software
  • AXYZ Software
  • Verisurf (X7-X9)
  • Machining and Tool Fabrication

  • Haas VF4 CNC Mills
  • Haas SL20 CNC Lathe
  • Bridgeport Conventional Mill
  • Bridgeport 3 Axis CNC Mill
  • Lathe
  • Akira Seiki 3 axis CNC 52 in travel vertical mill