By partnering with world-class hardware and software manufacturers, we are able to ensure the highest quality of work. Keeping up on the latest technologies is one of our keys to success. Our list of partners includes: Faro Technologies, Leica Geosystems, Capture 3D, Hubbs Machine and Manufacturing, Verisurf Software, New River Kinematics, and Mastercam. All our equipment meets both the manufacturer’s specifications and carries a NIST certification.

Capture 3D

Capture 3D, Inc. is saving companies money by reducing the time required to perform part or assembly inspection, root cause analysis, and reverse engineering functions via the integration of the industry accepted ATOS into their processes. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers in various North American locations, Capture 3D assists companies to be more competitive by optimizing their current design through sustaining engineering product cycles.


FARO Technologies

With more than 19,600 installations and 9,200 customers globally, FARO Technologies, Inc. designs, develops, and markets portable, computerized measurement devices and software used to create digital models ”” or to perform evaluations against an existing model ”” for anything requiring highly detailed 3-D measurements, including part and assembly inspection, factory planning and asset documentation, as well as specialized applications ranging from surveying, recreating accident sites and crime scenes to digitally preserving historical sites.


Hubbs Machine

Hubbs Machine & Manufacturing, Inc. was started in 1984 to manufacture and distribute targeting and accessories for support of Computer-Aided Theodolite Systems. We now support several coordinate measuring systems: Theodolite, Photogrammetry, Videogrammetry, Laser Tracker, and other emerging coordinate measurement systems.


Leica Geosystems

With close to 200 years of pioneering solutions to measure the world, Leica Geosystems products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them capture, analyze, and present spatial information. Leica Geosystems is best known for its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyze easily, and visualize and present spatial information.

Mastercam CNC Software

Mastercam CNC Software, Inc. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art software tools for CAD/CAM manufacturing markets. Our goal is to provide superior software products based on our users’ needs to solve simple to complex design and machining problems. In addition to providing the software, it is also our goal to provide exceptional service and support to our customers.


New River Kinematics

New River Kinematics provides SpatialAnalyzer (SA), a traceable metrology 3D graphical software platform that can simultaneously communicate to virtually any number and type of portable dimensional measurement system while performing complex analysis tasks simply. SA is a configurable and programmable platform that is easy-to-use yet delivers solid reliable solutions for engineers and production work cells.

Verisurf Software

Verisurf Software, Inc. is a metrology software development company committed to delivering premier, field-proven computer-aided inspection and manufacturing solutions. Headquartered in Anaheim, California, we offer the most powerful, efficient and competitively priced Model Based Definition (MBD) software suite available today, bringing measurement metrology to the paperless factory.